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Closing Ceremony of the Ani Ed-Young Animator Development Project - “Fly High to the Dreams”

Date: 27 July 2024 (Saturday) 

Time: 1:30-5:00pm

(1:30pm Reception and Showreels by graduates, Ceremony starts at 3:30pm)

Venue: The SPARK by SINO INNO LAB, 107-109, 1/F, Tower 2, One North 8 Hong Yip Street, Yuen Long

(7 mins walk from Exit F, MTR Long Ping Station)

When a dream is endowed with passion and perseverance,

 filled with content, powered by courage and given the right direction,

 it soars freely and high up in the sky.

 Act Plus has been committed to promoting whole-person development through creative arts education and serving young people from humble families or with non-mainstream pursuits. With the generous support by the Swire Trust in the past 3 years, the Ani Ed-Young Animator Development Project was launched and successfully completed with impact in young lives.  The project aimed to provide youngsters, priority to those from humble backgrounds, with opportunities to sharpen their strengths in digital animation and creativity, put their knowledge into practice and exposure to employability. In addition to encouraging them to pursue dreams, assisting them in overcoming obstacles, integrating resources and building up their creative arts skills, we also promote kind hearts and giving back to society.

 During the past 3 years, the Project has reached out to over 3200 young people in Seminars to inspire them the possibility to covert interest into life goals by conducting creation; has delivered elementary animation training courses of up to 35 hours each to over 190 youngsters; over 40 young people received 9-month of no less than 1100 hours intensive Professional Animator training, while about 80% graduates from our Professional Animator training program have joined the Creative Industry afterwards.

 Besides the personal growth and development of the youngsters, we are thrilled to be able to establish an Alumni Group with them to support/inspire youth force in Creative Digital Art Industry.

 As the project comes to its completion, we celebrate with our graduates of their achievements, and encourage them to continue pursuing dreams with this Closing Ceremony.  

Let’s support them with power, love and trust!

內容:畢業生的作品集展示、計劃亮點、畢業生分享(從計劃中的收穫)以及嘉賓講員 Tim Cheung 先生


嘉賓講者: Tim CHEUNG 張漢寧先生

日期: 2024年4月27日 (星期六)

時間:下午1:30-5:00 (下午1:30 接待及畢業生動畫作品集展示,下午3:30 典禮開始)

地點:SPARK by SINO LAB(元朗康業街8號ONE NORTH 2座1樓107-109室。距離朗屏站F出口徒步約7分鐘)

嘉賓講者簡介: Tim CHEUNG 張漢寧先生

Tim 是一位著名的 CG 動畫師和動畫導演/製片人,他是 DoubleBlink Animation Studios 的創始人,也是樂言社教育基金會的董事會成員。Tim 在動畫製作領域擁有 30 年的經驗,其中他曾在夢工廠工作十多年,擔任動畫角色主管。後來他回到香港加入天馬動畫工作室,擔任動畫副總裁,並開設了自己的動畫工作室。除了是專業的動畫師和動畫導演/製片人,Tim 在幫助夢工廠開發動畫管線和動畫軟件方面也做出了重要貢獻,,與研發人員密切合作,推動動畫技術的發展。他參與的主要作品包括 CGI 動畫電影「 Antz 」、「 Shrek 」三部曲和「 Astro Boy 」。

「讓夢想⾶翔」:動畫創未來 - 青年動畫師培育計劃閉幕禮


【Program Content】

Project Highlights & Animation Showreels by Young Animators

  • An Animation Dream

Program review and Highlights; Individual and Group project Showreel by young animators

  • Chasing the Dream

The Making of an animation: demonstrated with class work by students

  • Fly High to the Dreams

Short videos on students’ dreams in Animation and and Creative Industry; introducing the diverse career paths for animation skill-set trained youngsters

  • Interactive Area

Taking photos with graduates' animation works with virtual devices;

Leaving Instant messages to graduates on electronic screen by digital devices

Closing Ceremony

  • " Ani Ed-Young Animator Development Project " project summary & achievements

  • Sharing from Graduates (Theme: Pursuing Dreams in Animation)

  • Sharing from Tutors

  • Key note : The Global Animation Industry and the opportunity for young animators

       -The global development/trend of animation industry 

       -A.I.: a threat or an opportunity for the industry

       -Words of encouragement and advice to young animators


Keynote Speaker: Mr. Tim CHEUNG

Tim is an acclaimed CG Animator and Animation Director/Producer, he is the Founder of DoubleBlink Animation Studios and board member of Act Plus Education Foundation.  Tim has 30 years of experience in animation production, in which he spent over a decade with Dreamworks to serve as the Head of Character Animation. He then returned to Hong Kong to join Imagi Studios as the Vice President of Animation before starting his own animation studio.  Besides being a professional animator and animation director/producer, Tim was also instrumental in helping DreamWorks develop the animation pipeline and the animation software, working closely with R&D professionals to evolve the animation technology. His major works included the CGI Animated films “Antz”, the SHREK trilogy and “Astro Boy”.




  • 築夢進行曲


  • 讓夢想飛翔


  • 互動區




  • 簡介「動畫創未來」計劃及總結

  • 畢業生分享 (主題:逐夢之旅)

  • 導師分享  

  • 創科藝術主題講座:

分享嘉賓:張漢寧先生(Tim CHEUNG)

Tim 是一位享負盛名的 CG 動畫師和動畫導演/製片人,他是 DoubleBlink Animation Studios 的創辦人,也是樂言社教育基金的董事會成員。Tim 有30 年的動畫製作經驗,由動畫師,到動畫導演,到製片人,到今天更成立了自己的製作室。其中,他曾在業界頂尖動畫製作室「夢工場」(DreamWorks)工作十多年,出任動畫部主管。後來他決定把荷李活的經驗帶回家,到香港加入意馬動畫公司擔任動畫副總裁。Tim其後開設了自己的動畫工作室,更在世界各地建立動畫製作團隊,為業界貢獻良多。除了是專業的動畫師和動畫導演/製片人外,Tim 在夢工場工作的年間,他還參與發展動畫製作線和動畫軟件,與研發團隊緊密合作,發展動畫技術工具。他的主要作品包括 CGI 動畫電影「蟻哥正傳」(Antz)、「 史力加三部曲」(the SHREK trilogy)和「 阿童木」(Astro Boy)。

鄧小姐(電話3704 7782 / WhatsApp  61527464)




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