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Welcome! We are Act Plus

We aim to foster the upward mobility for underprivileged youth in HK, and to help to re-build them as the asset in Creative Industry by providing innovative services in education, career support and consultation.

Support Us

As a non-subvented NGO, Act+ relies on voluntary donations of individual supporters like yourself to fund our core operations and services.  We cordially invite you to join us to support our new generation and to foster the upward mobility for underprivileged youth in HK.  

We welcome personal or company sponsorship for various programmes and activities as well, please contact us for details.

Act Plus is a registered charity based in Hong Kong under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (reference number 91/12204). 

All donations totalling HK$100 or above are tax deductible in Hong Kong. 


Total Youth Served


Total Graduates


Successfully Employed in Job Market 

From 2017

Our Services

In addition to vocational training, Act+ provides youth (priority to those from disadvantaged background) with adequate and effective communication skills; and most importantly, to inspire them with positive thinking and attitude to pursue lifelong learning.

Life Education

Pathfinding & Career guidance

Act+ provides vocational based computer digital arts training, job/internship opportunity/referral and career support to youth who aim to actualize or develop themselves in Creative Arts Industry.

Act+ provides youths with both digital and physical resources platforms to mingle for opportunity, learning, challenges and startups trial.

Inno Art Collaboration Opportunity Platform 

Establish Professional Creative Platform
Facilitate Development of Professional Creative Industry Artists
Break Barrier of Digital Proficiency for Underprivileged Youth

“TO empower by nurturing interest, TO achieve life goals by conducting creation”


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