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GAM101 – Game Design for Beginners
Introductory Class on Digital Game Design (Beginner Level)

課程編號: 2023-GAM101

開課日期: 2023 年 11 月 7、9、14、16、21、23、28及30 日

逢星期二 , 四 (全 8 課節) (合共 24 課時) 

​地點: 荔枝角長沙灣道650號中國船舶大廈5樓8室

學費: 面授課程 $2,500

Game development processes such as operation of game engine (Unity), level design, and programming.  After completion of the course, participants should be able to design basic game prototypes. 

You will learn :

Course Features :

  • The threshold for enrolment is not too high that those with basic understanding of computer operation are welcomed. 

  • Having engaged in the field for years, the course instructors have rich practical experience in production that will enable students to effectively and accurately grasp the essence.  

  • Students shall learn the game production process in a step-by-step manner, so as to effortlessly learn the basic concepts and elements and create their own games. 

  • Dual emphasis is placed on theory and practice. Targeted coursework is provided to help enhance students’ proficiency, skills and aesthetic sense. 

  • Introduction to game development and its application

  • Basic level design 

  • Basic application of programming 

  • Blueprint concept and user interface production

  • Operation of physics engine

  • Planning coursework game project

  • Developing coursework game project

Course Content :

  • Applicants must settle their tuition fee payment before the registration deadline in order to confirm their enrolment. 

  • Paid tuition fee will not be refunded. If an activity or course is cancelled due to exceptional circumstances, students can enrol into another session if the same course or another course with the paid tuition fee.  

  • Students must achieve an attendance rate of 80% or above and submit assignments required by the course, which the course instructors shall assess to determine whether students have come up to intended qualification, in order to issue a course attendance certificate (if any). 

  • Act Plus reserves the right to amend, change, suspend, interpret or supplement at any time the terms and conditions of the activity/course. By applying for this activity or course, participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this disclaimer. 

Points to Note :



晚上 7:30 - 10:30


年齡 15 歲或以上




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